The New Station is Launched!

Mongol TV is the leading independent HD TV network in Mongolia.  With the support of global media consultants The Format People Group (TFP), Mongol TV is currently investing extensively to revolutionise the network.

The project began in the autumn of 2011 when the first core team of TFP experts – including CEO Michel Rodrigue, CCO Justin ScroggieMartin FontainePaul Jackson, and Marc Grenier– flew to Ulaanbaatar and then by 4x4s  to a hotel in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park for a week of presentations and discussions.  Impressed by the diversity and wealth of expertise shared between the team, Mongol TV awarded the Format People  a mandate to develop the station and create not just a channel worthy of note within the region, but one that would, in time, command the respect of players across the international television market.

Each expert submitted a report, from which Michel Rodrigue created a comprehensive 3-year Plan to revolutionise Mongol TV. The plan focusses on 4 key areas:


Below is a summary of Phase One.

Michel with Mongol TV CEO Ms Nomin and owner Mr. Chinbat









The first ‘intervention’ of the 3-year plan was to construct a sound technical infrastructure upon which the rest of the new Mongol TV HD network could be built and developed.

OB Truck

We designed and built a bespoke outside-broadcast mobile unit, the first in Mongolia to produce events on-location across the country (and thus a critical part of the process of creating a truly national broadcaster).  These include:

  • Naadam (Наадам) – the first live HD coverage of this famous national Festival featuring ‘the three games of men’: Mongolian wrestling, archery and horse-racing, broadcast July 2012.  See some of the horse-racing footage here.
  • Naashaa Tsaashaa – the first afternoon talk show recorded as live in a traditional Mongolian ger (felt tent), launched in October 2012.  Read the story of Naashaa Tsaashaa here.
  • Wrestling & Live Concerts (coming 2013)

New O.B. mobile unit interior

Mongol TV Naadam team with O.B. unit

Nadaam - The aerial video unit or 'Octocopter'








News Studio

We have built a state-of-the-art news studio on the 14th floor of the network’s new offices just off Sukhbaatar Square in downtown Ulaanbaatar.  This brand new facility, with its open-face windows overlooking the heart of the nation’s capital, reflects Mongol TV’s commitment to accurate, unbiased up-to-the-minute news coverage, supported by our new HD ENG cameras.  In Phase 2 of the 3 year plan these will be supplemented by new ENG microwave trucks.

Mongol TV is already an official syndicate of the Associated Press for its international news coverage and of many other agencies for other programming.

State-of-the-art News Studio under construction

News Studio - stunning view of Sukhbaatar Square

Mongol TV Tower , home to the news and open face studios









Open Face Studio

On the ground floor of the new Mongol TV Tower, we have built the first open-face TV studio in Asia, overlooking the heart of Ulaanbaatar, the magnificent Sukhbaatar Square.  Designed by TFP consultant Jean Becotte, the unique studio is the home of:

  • “Unuu Ugluu “– a brand new 3-hour news and entertainment show broadcast live every morning, developed and designed by TFP consultants Paul Jackson and Pia Marquard, see Unuu Ugluu promo here.
  • Spin-off and original programming – part of our strategy for 2103 is to develop segments of “Unuu Ugluu” into separate series of their own, as well to create original programming.

Unuu Ugluu - Family Tree item








Unuu Ugluu - fashion column








Our second ‘intervention’ was to bring the personnel at Mongol TV up to the required level through training by carefully selected outside experts from across the world. The emphasis was on people who not only had the best expertise in each area, but had the ability and desire to transfer that expertise to others:


Tami Devine:  (TFP consultant and expert Media Trainer, US).  Tami’s mandate is to train all news personnel, including reporters. Now on a 1-year full time contract.

Unuu Ugluu

Pia Marquard (TFP consultant, until recently Managing Director of CBC English Services in Quebec). Pia’s mandate was to hire and train 26 new personnel to produce 3 hour live daily morning show. Now on an 8-month full-time contract.


Justin Scroggie (Chief Creative Officer & Partner, The Format People Group, global content specialist).  Justin’s broad mandate is to provide creative training, programming formatting and expert support across all programming, including “Unuu Ugluu” and “Naashaa Tsaashaa”.

Other personnel training

TFP have sourced  and hired experts from across the world to train Mongol TV personnel in all aspects of television, including:

  • John de Tarsio: Directors and Camera operator training
  • Miguel Raymond: Editor training
  • Francois Dutil: Lighting & Sound training
  • Mikkel Erichsen: Host Training
  • Charlotte Korn Conan: Production Assistant training

Tami Devine with the News Team

Pia Marquard working with the Unuu Ugluu hosts

Justin Scroggie in the Ger District of Ulaanbaatar










The third ‘intervention’ of The Format People’s 3-year plan for Mongol TV was to raise the quality and breadth of content across the station through targeted foreign programme acquisition, enhancing existing local programming, and creating new local programming.

Foreign Programming

As well as overseeing the main project, The Format People CEO & Partner Michel Rodrigue is using his extensive experience and contacts as a distributor to introduce Mongol TV to the world’s largest TV markets, including MIPTV, LA Screenings, and MIPCOM – and the leading players that attend them.

Mongol TV has already acquired over 1,000 hours of top-quality foreign programming, including primetime series, blockbuster movies, kids programming and more. Mongol TV has become the first Mongolian station to establish business relationships with top international distributors and producers including:




Existing and new local programming

As well as our work enriching the news output, our strategy is to enhance local programming across the board.

  • Existing programming will be reviewed and, where appropriate, revised or reformatted by The Format Doctor, Justin Scroggie.
  • The morning show “Unuu Ugluu” has been designed as an ‘incubator’ to create and spin-off many other daily and even primetime series featuring columnists from Unuu Ugluu.
  • TFP will also install and run a brand new ‘Creative Development Unit’ of trained local programme-makers, to offer new series geared specifically to the network – but with an eye to the international market.
  • TFP is helping Mongol TV to select & acquire foreign TV formats to fit Mongolian market, to be produced locally.



The fourth ‘intervention’ has been to re-brand Mongol TV, with a brand fit for youthful modern generation of TV viewers while remaining true to Mongolian traditions and culture.

Marc Grenier

The brand revolution has been led by TFP consultant Marc Grenier, one of the most prolific  Montreal-based commercial directors, who has won countless awards for prestigious accounts including Molson Coors, Clairol, McDonalds, Burger King and P&G.


As part of the new brand identity for Mongol TV Marc has created a new logo with full graphics package that reflects its new positioning:

This logo has been rolled out across the network, from stationery to studios, vehicles to vests, and of course on-air from interstitials to summer and winter idents.


Marc and his team have created an extraordinary and unique set of station idents for winter and summer.

  • Human-oriented campaign
  • Reflects the variety and richness of the Mongolian population, traditions and landscape
  • Reflects Mongol TV position in the present, celebrating the past while looking forward to a bright future
  • Shows the beauty of the country through 2 seasons, winter/spring and summer/fall


Phase 2 and 3

Phase 2 currently underway will build upon the established infrastructure, trained personnel and branding, to focus on improving content, multi-media integration and ad sales.

Phase 3 will focus on  international sales of locally produced finished programmes and formats, and the building of  large ‘shiny floor’ studio that can incorporate audiences etc.