Mikkel Beha Erichsen

Mikkel Beha Erichsen

Mikkel is an award-winning primetime television Host and an experienced TV producer in many genres, a combination he uses to great effect as an empathetic trainer/coach of TV presenters.

The unique combination of Mikkel’s career behind the camera working with a variety of different hosts, and his own experience presenting in front of camera, makes him an excellent coach when new hosts need a kick off, or the “old ones” need new inspiration.

How is it possible to have 36 years’ television experience at the age of 46? You start at the age of 10 as a children reporter for The Danish National Television, DR! In his early twenties, Mikkel hosted a weekly news program for children on National Danish Television for several years

For the past five years he has been hosting the Good Morning Denmark show with great success. Besides the Good Morning Denmark show Mikkel also acts as a host on primetime programs on Danish TV2.

The last three years he has been voted the best male host in Denmark.

However, Mikkel is much more than just a TV-host. He has produced a broad variety of programs ranging from investigating documentaries to shiny floor and reality shows. Mikkel has worked for most of the major Danish production companies. He executive-produced Pop Stars, Pop Idol and Robinson, and series-produced the European version of Dirty Jobs for Discovery.


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