Miguel Raymond

Miguel Raymond

Miguel is a leading editor and post-production manager, as well as an expert consultant and trainer in post-production, creative editing and directing.

Miguel is post-production manager at Halogen Filmshop and post-production consultant for The Format People. His ongoing work includes training in post production, creative editing, and directing the local team at Mongol.tv. He recently finished « La Course Évasion Autour du Monde 2012 » as the on-site editor.

Miguel is a graduate in Communications from University du Qu ebec in Montreal and attended FX course at the Graphic Institute of Technology of Tokyo.

2007–2009, Miguel was Chief Creative Editor at Post Productions In Extenso in Montreal. Miguel then worked as a freelancer on commercials and motion design projects like «Mlle» and «Moi&Cie» with director Christian Langlois.

As a video artist, he has a reputation for exploring groundbreaking technology and ideas. From stage work to installations, from performance to films, his work is part of the emergence of Canada’s digital art scene. In 1990 he won, as co-creator of «L’autre Gauche», the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Human-Machine Integration Award.

In 1993, he edited François Girard’s film «Le Dortoir», which won 20+ international awards including an Emmy for Best Foreign Production. Miguel received a Gemaux for best editing and was nominated at the Gemini awards for his work.

During the 90’s, he worked on over 500 national and international commercials. These earned many awards like TVB in 1999 and Mobius in 2000. He went on to work as a director at Musique+ for 3 years, and later joined Discreet Logic on the Fire editing station development team as demo artist and teacher.

Since 2000, hes has been a freelancer on all types of productions; for web, he worked on the development of Youswitch and the National Film Board of Canada’s GDP project. He also edited many documentaries like Hélène Choquette’s «The Children of Chernobyl» or Jérôme Scemla’s «Océanautes» witch won 1st prize at the Paris-Science Festival in 2006.


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