John DeTarsio

John DeTarsio

John is an award-winning Photojournalist and Director whose workshops include shooting, editing and lighting techniques as well as how to write and produce compelling visual stories.

As a consultant, John has worked with national and international television photographers, editors, reporters and news managers, sharing his passion for visual storytelling.

John’s seminars and workshops cover everything from shooting, editing and lighting techniques, to writing and producing compelling stories.

He began his career at news stations as a photographer, editor, and on-air reporter. In San Diego, California, he was the Executive Producer of Creative Development, before becoming a freelance Director, DP and Camera Operator.

John received the highest award in Photojournalism when he was named National Press Photographer of the Year by the National Press Photographer’s Association (NPPA). He has been recognized for his contributions in photography, lighting, editing, writing, reporting and producing:

  • Emmy, DuPont awards, and Harvard team awards with CBS News 60 Minutes and 48 Hours
  • 46 regional EMMY Awards
  • National Iris Award
  • 51 NPPA Regional Awards
  • 9 California Golden Mic Awards
  • 28 San Diego Press Club Awards
  • San Diego Press Club “Best of Show” 5 times

John has co-authored the premier college textbook, Television Field Production and Reporting with Frederick Shook and John Larson, as well as being featured in Roll! Shooting TV News, Views From Behind the Lens, by Rich Underwood.


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