Jeppe Nybroe

Jeppe Nybroe

Jeppe is an experienced journalist, international TV correspondent, news anchor and head of news – working all over the world. As a consultant he helps build up, develop, train journalism and newsrooms on all levels.

Jeppe Nybroe is breathing journalism; his profession and his passion for almost twenty years. He is a hands-on and in-the-field trainer and consultant from basic journalism to advanced storytelling, structuring workflow, building professional standards, ethics and skills of all staff in a newsroom. Having lived and worked for many years within journalism all over the world he has extensive experience and understanding of different cultures, the local working conditions, needs and challenges of media outlets.

In the aftermath of the revolution in Libya he was head of news at the country’s first free TV-station, building up, training, developing and running the news department. Recently hired as a consultant to the newsroom for the first free, independent TV-station in Mongolia, structuring, developing and training journalism and staff on all levels, including editorial leadership.

Jeppe held almost all positions within news journalism – reporter, executive producer, trainer, format developer, international correspondent, news anchor, TV host and head of news. For more than a decade he worked for the major national public TV-stations in Denmark, working also some years for newspapers and magazines, building and leading Web-TV for newsrooms, co-authoring books on politics and producing TV documentaries.

He has been covering numerous wars, conflicts and natural disasters in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, US and Europe – in countries as Syria, Iraq, Rwanda, Haiti, Kosovo and many more. Born in Kenya, grew up in Denmark, lived in as various places as Saudi Arabia, Spain, Libya, Mongolia – currently based in Beirut, Lebanon – the world is Jeppe’s workplace.


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