Christian Langlois

Christian Langlois

Christian is a Commercial Film Director and Creative Consultant specializing in design, visual identity and branding in the TV and new media entertainment industry.

He works with the actual visual language of advertising, viral video, web design, interactive, electronic art and motion design.

His success has been recognized at numerous major events including Cannes Lion, Clio, London International Award, Webby Awards, The Bessies, CMA, TED, Summit and Applied Arts.

A recent award-winning project was the re-branding of Mongol TV in Mongolia where he worked as a consultant with The Format People, and won the Promax BDA Global Excellence Award for “Total Package Art Direction & Design: Channel Image”.

Christian received his Masters Degree in communications, video art and new media from the University of Quebec in Montreal. With a successful career in the electronic visual arts, Christian founded the creation lab of MusiquePlus (French Canadian version of MTV). It was a true visual laboratory with the first outstanding look of this music TV channel dedicated to pop music, fashion, youth culture, film, performing arts and entertainment.

Since then, he has participated in the development of many TV channel brands and TV shows including Mongol TV, CBS, ABC, Fox, TVA, Mlle, Yoopa, Moi & Cie, Radio Canada, CBC, TV5, Astral, Musimax, Telefilm Canada, Disney Japan and Cirque du Soleil channel.

He has more than 300 ad campaigns to his credit including: Verizon, T-Mobile, Johnson & Johnson, O.B., Kruger, AT&T, Bell, Yellow Pages, Toshiba, Telus, Videotron, Danone, Nestlé, General Mils, Pineau des Charentes, Subway, Cirque du Soleil, Health Canada,, GM, Toyota, Chevrolet, Air Canada, Bombardier, Japan Railways, Budweiser, Black Label, Molson, RBK, CCM, Mastercard, EnRoute, National Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank, Barclays Bank and IShares.


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