Charlotte Kornberg Conan

Charlotte Kornberg Conan

Korn is a highly experienced and regarded Assistant Director/Producer Assistant, whose dynamic and engaging workshops include the many technical aspects of live multi-camera broadcasting.

Charlotte Kornberg Conan, known as ‘Korn’, has been involved in television production all over the world for over 25 years, in places as diverse as the USA, Asia, Poland, and her home country of Denmark (including national broadcaster DR and the internationally-regarded film company Zentropa).

She works primarily on larger multi-camera shows, including game shows, entertainment, sports, news, classical concerts and large-scale event television.

While Korn’s experience as a PA covers the whole eco-system of television production, she regards her foremost expertise as live broadcasting.

She has a strong grasp of the theoretical and technical aspects of television that live broadcast requires, a structured approach to daily routine, as well as up-to-date knowledge of the latest manuscript, performance and/or graphic programs.

Just as importantly, she has a natural calm and a fine sense of timing, essential attributes for a PA working with a big team through the hectic pace and unpredictable challenges of a live broadcast.

Korn brings all of these attributes and experience to her dynamic and detailed training workshops for new producer assistants / assistant directors for live and live-on-tape television – most recently in Mongolia, where she was part of the extensive team The Format People brought in to assist Mongol TV in their training, re-branding and re-launch in 2013.

Korn lives in Copenhagen with her husband and boys, where she enjoys having one of the coolest surnames in television.


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