TFP hit MIPCOM with new formats


October 2019:  CEO Michel Rodrigue and CCO Justin Scroggie of consultancy group The Format People, are in Cannes this week to present a raft of new formats to the international television industry.

The new slate contains a range of genres, including reality, survival and arts competitions, but the big focus this year is on game shows.

Justin Scroggie said:

“We have spent the last 12 months developing a raft of new formats, with particular attention to the studio game show genre, which our research shows is what many buyers are looking for – and not finding. Game shows are some of the trickiest formats to create, as you start with no story, no characters, no plot. You have to build a strong narrative to drive the action, emotional format beats that deliver drama, and an internal logic to the whole thing that satisfies viewers. And that’s we can do.”

As well as developing formats internally, TFP consult with broadcasters and producers globally to help develop their formats and bring them onto the world’s stage.  TFP also organise high-level formats training, and have a raft of trainers who are all senior professionals active in TV around the world.


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TFP in London for major pitches


London October 2109:

The Format People are in London this week to present a raft of new formats to distributors and producers in advance of MIPCOM next week.

Meetings have been arranged with NBCU, Warners Bros, Sony Entertainment and the Motion Content group among others.

CEO Michel Rodrigue said:

“We are pleased that our reputation and track record allows us to present our new formats to major players in the TV formats industry.  We are not only looking for partners to bring our creative output to the screen, but the right partners, with the global range and experience to deliver shows that will travel.”

CCO Justin Scroggie said:

“We have spent the last 12 months developing a raft of new formats, with particular attention to the studio game show genre, which our research shows is what many buyers are looking for – and not finding.  Game shows are some of the trickiest formats to create, as you start with no story, no characters, no plot.  You have to build a strong narrative to drive the action, emotional format beats that deliver drama, and an internal logic to the whole thing that satisfies viewers.  And that’s we can do.”




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Michel Rodrigue to host ATF Formats Pitch 2019

TFP CEO & Partner Michel Rodrigue is to host this year’s prestigious Formats Pitch competition at the Asian Television Forum in Singapore in December.

The ATF Formats Pitch is the premier formats pitching competition for creators and producers of new and original, unscripted (non-fiction) entertainment formats. This is a platform to flaunt the best of Asia and expose ideas for development and export within the region, and the world.

Michel,  CEO & Partner of The Format People said:

“We have been working in Asia since we founded our consultancy, training many of today’s leaders in formatting – in China, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and Mongolia among others.  It is wonderful to see the flowering of talent in Asia, and the success of Asian formats spreading across the world.”

The winner will receive S$3,500 in cash to develop the idea.

This year’s pre-selection panel are: Justin Scroggie, CCO & Partner, The Format People; Sylvia Kocman, Manager, Distribution; and David Bodycombe, Managing Director, Labyrinth Games.

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CHEF IN YOUR EAR Mongolia S4 to launch


The FOURTH season of The Mongolian adaptation of our hit format “Chef in your Ear”, will launch November 2019 on prime time NTV.


The series is produced and broadcast by NTV, and is screened weekly in primetime.

Hosted by director and screenwriter A.Miyegombo, the series features a mix of ordinary people and celebrities, as well as top Mongolian chefs including G.Tengis, Sh.Erdenekhuu, P.Ganbat, B.Ariunbileg, G.Temulun and G.Mungundolgio.


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OYE AL CHEF! returns for a second season!

OYE AL CHEF! returns to Mexican screens for a second season!

June 2019:  The Mexican adaptation of our hit format “Chef In Your Ear” returns for a second season this month.

Carlos Arenas returns as host, and the series will feature a selection of renowned chefs including  Aquiles Chávez, Josefina Santacruz and Maritere Ramírez return, and the talented Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, Salvador “El Gallo” Orozco, Diego Niño, Mariano Torre Hütt, Abel Hernández, José Manuel Baños, Nico Martín del Campo, Atzín Santos, Yerika Muñoz and Rodrigo Carrasco, Linda Cherem, Natalia Delgado and Ingrid Ramos.

This series will also feature celebrity contestants or ‘novices’ in the kitchen.

In each episode, two rival chefs are challenged to deliver a restaurant-quality dish in just one hour, to be judged by a food critic.  However, neither is allowed into the kitchen, and each must direct a complete cooking novice to prepare, cook and plate their dish, using only an earpiece.

“Oye Al Chef!” Is a co-production between broadcasters Imagen Television and Discovery Home & Health.  The format is distributed by Warner Bros International Television Production.


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Format People keynote at Content Academy: Formats 360



The Format People are partnering with the C21 Content Academy.  In a major keynote for the Academy’s Formats 360 workshop in November 2018, Justin Scroggie will address the impact of the social and technological change over the past 5 years, how it has influenced the way we consume content and in particular, how it has shaped the format world.

FORMATS 360  is a three-day workshop and conference dedicated to providing formats professionals with a total immersion event that helps them take their global formats business to the next level.

FORMATS 360 provides a deep dive into the creative and commercial imperatives of developing winning formats for the global audience. Leading experts spend time developing approach and strategy with specific focus on the formats brought to the course.




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Chef In Your Ear reaches 10 Territories



October 2018:  Hit cooking entertainment format CHEF IN YOUR EAR is celebrating its 10th international adaptation with CHEF AO PE DO OUVIDO!, filmed this summer in Sao Paolo, and due on air on GNT in 2019.

CHEF IN YOUR EAR, originally created by Justin Scroggie of The Format People, and produced first for the Food Network Canada in 2015, has spread through local adaptation across the globe – first to Quebec, and then on to Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, South Korea, Mongolia, Mexico – and now Brazil.



In each stand-alone episode of CHEF IN YOUR EAR, two top Chefs compete in studio to create a restaurant-quality dish in just 1 hour.  The catch?  They’re not allowed in the kitchen, but must each direct a complete culinary novice via an earpiece to do all the preparation, cooking and plating. The final results are judged by a food professional, who pronounces one team the winner.

“The great thing about CHEF IN YOUR EAR is you can describe it in just a few words, and people get it straight away” says The Format People’s CEO Michel Rodrigue.  “And they always smile when they do!”

“And it’s incredibly flexible,” he adds.

Rodrigue reveals that adaptations of CHEF IN YOUR EAR have been positioned across the schedule, from daytime to access primetime, though it is typically a primetime show.  It has been broadcast weekly, stripped daily, and has featured both celebrities and teenagers as the hapless Novices.

As a format, CHEF can sit anywhere on the factual to entertainment spectrum.  And through localised hosts, chefs, novices, recipes and ingredients, the format naturally adapts to new a territory whilst retaining its strong narrative structure.

“CHEF IN YOUR EAR is a fun game full of take-home content,” says Justin Scroggie, who will be with Michel at MIPCOM this autumn to present a raft of new ‘cleverly simple’ formats to buyers.

“But the best part,” Scroggie continues, “is seeing the realization on the faces of people who genuinely think they can’t cook, when they look down at the final plate and say, Oh my God, I just made that. It’s priceless and inspiring.”

CHEF IN YOUR EAR is distributed worldwide by Warner Bros International, except for Asia where Singapore-based Bomanbridge Media are the format distributors.

“We have really enjoyed distributing this Format across the region”, says Sonia Fleck, CEO of Bomanbridge Media. “Channels such as NBCU’s Diva aired it pan regionally, A+E Network18 picked it up in India, with further local versions on CJ E&M in South Korea, as well as Mongol TV Mongolia. We are excited to announce further deals from SouthEAst Asia soon, which demonstrate once again it’s continued strength in audience appreciation,”

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KYIV MEDIA WEEK – DNA of International Formats


Justin Scroggie to deliver a keynote ‘Revealing the DNA of international formats’, Sept 17 at KYIV MEDIA WEEK.


kyiv logo for website


Justin Scroggie is delivering a keynote speech at the KYIV MEDIA WEEK in September.
For the keynote Justin will reveal 8 key ‘building blocks’ that creator-producers need in our constantly evolving business, in order to build the ‘DNA’ of international appeal into local formats at the development stage.

Justin Scroggie a.k.a. The Format Doctor is a BAFTA-award winning global content specialist, format creator and trainer with nearly 30 years’ experience in the industry. In 2009 Justin and partner Michel Rodrigue founded The Format People – an international consultancy of over 20 top industry professionals.

‘At a time when borders are becoming barriers, and countries are looking inwards more than outwards, it has never been more important for television to bring different people together through what we share – what we laugh at, binge on, dissect on social media or around the water cooler’, – says Justin.

Creating high-quality formats that reflect, inform and entertain society, sending them out into the world, and helping creators, producers and broadcasters to do the same, is what Justin does.

Come and find out how at the keynote ‘Revealing the DNA of international formats’, which will take place on the first day of KYIV MEDIA WEEK (September 17) from 15:10 to 15:50.

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