Who We Are

The Format People Group was founded in 2009 by Justin Scroggie and Michel Rodrigue.

Since then the Group has grown rapidly into a worldwide consultancy practice of like-minded industry professionals – People we like, admire, trust and enjoy working with – with a vast range of complementary skills and experience in the television and formats business.

The services we offer include format creation, development and doctoring; purchase, sales and distribution strategy; ground-up network infrastructure, up-skilling, original studio design, network brand identity, and programming; in-house training and workshops; international market and conference development and implementation.

Our client base spans the globe, including South Africa, Mongolia, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Canada, USA, UK and Northern Ireland, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Israel, Egypt and many more territories.


What we do

Here are some of our key areas of expertise:

  •  Network Infrastructure

We have a tried and tested team that can build your television network from the ground up, including station infrastructure and facilities, training and up-skilling, new hire, programming and scheduling, brand identity and styling, and migration to other platforms.  For example, have a look at our Mongol TV Revolution project here.

  •  Format analysis, diagnosis and solutions

We offer deep-analysis of TV formats across all non-scripted genres  from development to post-production to air –  to identify inherent problems, offer practical solutions and ultimately improve and enhance your show. Read more about it here.

  •  Creation and design of original formats

We create and design brand-new formats across all non-scripted genres, often working to broadcaster and/or production company brief and always with an eye to both local and international needs.  For example, have a look at some of our formats here.

  •  Format Development Units

We offer a unique service to create, install and distance-manage new Format Development Units within and for broadcasters and production companies, growing your ideas from within, in a structured and organised way, to build new local content with international appeal. Read more about this here.

  •  Sales & Distribution evaluation

For sellers, we evaluate the international sales potential of your formats, offer marketing, sales and distribution strategies, identify the best producers etc.

For buyers, we research and help you to acquire the best original formats that meet your brief from around the world

  • Format Production Bibles

We are expert in the creation of production Bibles based on our unique Bible Generator templates developed for FRAPA (the Format Recognition and Protection Association)

  •  In-house and workshop training

We offer a wide range of lectures, workshops, seminars, and peer-to-peer training in all aspects of the formats business, including full Formats Days for international events.

We provide expert keynote speakers for your conference, market or off-site training

  • For more information please contact:

Director of Business Development, Sylvia Kocman by clicking here.