As the TV formats business continues to grow globally – some estimates put its value at over 9 billion euro – more and more broadcasters around the world are looking to grow their own formats, for local and international use.

Many broadcasters adapt foreign formats that they have licensed from a distributor. Inevitably they learn a great deal about format design and production from the experience.

And at some point, they wonder about creating their own, in order to receive a licence fee rather than pay it.

But as we all know, it is not that simple.  Distributors pick up formats precisely because they are well-designed, come with a strong bible and a proven track record, and can offer a flying producer who knows the show inside out.  Not to mention pre-existing branding, graphics, marketing material etc.

With all of this in mind, TFP have developed a unique system – the Format Development Unit or FDU.

The FDU system has been designed by TFP CCO Justin Scroggie, known as The Format Doctor within the television industry, and himself formerly Head of Development at a major UK entertainment production company for several years.

“I had my own development methods, of course,” says Justin, “but to design this process, I consulted a number of other leading Heads of Development, and then synthesised all of our tricks of the trade into a single system.”

The system has 3 key features:

  • Casting:  We provide a unique profiling system to find not only the right people for the Unit, but the right combination of 5 people.
  • Cycle:  Each iteration of the process cycles through a set time, allocating different periods to different types of work – that require different approaches
  • Distance Management:  TFP doesn’t simply come and train your team to run the FDU system, we continue to manage the process from afar in a systematic way that filters the best ideas, and allows the team to grow within recognised boundaries.

To find out more – and to get your team together to start creating tomorrow’s format hits – please contact Sylvia Kocman today by clicking here.