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Chef In Your Ear
Original Cooking Entertainment format
30’ and 60’ versions available

Chef in Your Ear is a brand-new, standalone format, all about hands-off cooking. Every week, two award-winning Chefs are challenged to deliver a dish (or dishes) as good and as tasty as the food they make themselves. But there’s a twist. Each dish must be prepared, cooked and plated by a complete kitchen novice, wearing an earpiece, and taking instructions – or not!

The Chefs can see, hear and talk to their rookies. But they can’t smell, taste or touch the food – let alone chop, slice, sizzle or drizzle! For the novices, it’s in at the deep end, as they get the cooking lesson of a lifetime – but down their ear, against the clock, and on TV!

Can the Chefs control their frustration and guide their rookie through their paces? Can the rookies put aside their panic, and learn from the best? After a frantic fun-filled race, Chef and novice finally meet – as a team. In an optional round, the teams cook a quick dish together in the kitchen, Finally, all the dishes are judged by a food professional, and one team is declared the winner.

Chef In Your Ear combines culinary knowhow with quality entertainment, served up with a slice of adrenaline – and a dash of dreams-come-true.

Chef In Your Ear Sales Reel (HLP/Food Network Canada)


Chef in Your Ear has already been commissioned and recorded in

  • Food Network Canada (in English)
  • Radio-Canada (in French)
  • France 2 (France)
  • NPO3 (Holland)
  • ZDF (Germany)
  • TVN (S Korea, as Avatar Chef)
  • VIER (Belgium)

with licences sold in other countries, including Mongolia.

Stills from both Canadian productions can be seen in our Chef In Your Ear Gallery here. Format and finished programme sales for the world excluding Asia, are distributed by Warner Brothers International TV Production. For Asia, sales are distributed by Bomanbridge Media. For initial distribution inquiries, please contact:

Sylvia Kocman
Director of Business Development

Format Originally Conceived by Justin Scroggie
Format Developed by Ricardo Larrivée, Michel Rodrigue and Henry Less with assistance from Justin Scroggie