Chef In Your Ear reaches 10 Territories



October 2018:  Hit cooking entertainment format CHEF IN YOUR EAR is celebrating its 10th international adaptation with CHEF AO PE DO OUVIDO!, filmed this summer in Sao Paolo, and due on air on GNT in 2019.

CHEF IN YOUR EAR, originally created by Justin Scroggie of The Format People, and produced first for the Food Network Canada in 2015, has spread through local adaptation across the globe – first to Quebec, and then on to Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, South Korea, Mongolia, Mexico – and now Brazil.



In each stand-alone episode of CHEF IN YOUR EAR, two top Chefs compete in studio to create a restaurant-quality dish in just 1 hour.  The catch?  They’re not allowed in the kitchen, but must each direct a complete culinary novice via an earpiece to do all the preparation, cooking and plating. The final results are judged by a food professional, who pronounces one team the winner.

“The great thing about CHEF IN YOUR EAR is you can describe it in just a few words, and people get it straight away” says The Format People’s CEO Michel Rodrigue.  “And they always smile when they do!”

“And it’s incredibly flexible,” he adds.

Rodrigue reveals that adaptations of CHEF IN YOUR EAR have been positioned across the schedule, from daytime to access primetime, though it is typically a primetime show.  It has been broadcast weekly, stripped daily, and has featured both celebrities and teenagers as the hapless Novices.

As a format, CHEF can sit anywhere on the factual to entertainment spectrum.  And through localised hosts, chefs, novices, recipes and ingredients, the format naturally adapts to new a territory whilst retaining its strong narrative structure.

“CHEF IN YOUR EAR is a fun game full of take-home content,” says Justin Scroggie, who will be with Michel at MIPCOM this autumn to present a raft of new ‘cleverly simple’ formats to buyers.

“But the best part,” Scroggie continues, “is seeing the realization on the faces of people who genuinely think they can’t cook, when they look down at the final plate and say, Oh my God, I just made that. It’s priceless and inspiring.”

CHEF IN YOUR EAR is distributed worldwide by Warner Bros International, except for Asia where Singapore-based Bomanbridge Media are the format distributors.

“We have really enjoyed distributing this Format across the region”, says Sonia Fleck, CEO of Bomanbridge Media. “Channels such as NBCU’s Diva aired it pan regionally, A+E Network18 picked it up in India, with further local versions on CJ E&M in South Korea, as well as Mongol TV Mongolia. We are excited to announce further deals from SouthEAst Asia soon, which demonstrate once again it’s continued strength in audience appreciation,”

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