KYIV MEDIA WEEK – DNA of International Formats


Justin Scroggie to deliver a keynote ‘Revealing the DNA of international formats’, Sept 17 at KYIV MEDIA WEEK.


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Justin Scroggie is delivering a keynote speech at the KYIV MEDIA WEEK in September.
For the keynote Justin will reveal 8 key ‘building blocks’ that creator-producers need in our constantly evolving business, in order to build the ‘DNA’ of international appeal into local formats at the development stage.

Justin Scroggie a.k.a. The Format Doctor is a BAFTA-award winning global content specialist, format creator and trainer with nearly 30 years’ experience in the industry. In 2009 Justin and partner Michel Rodrigue founded The Format People – an international consultancy of over 20 top industry professionals.

‘At a time when borders are becoming barriers, and countries are looking inwards more than outwards, it has never been more important for television to bring different people together through what we share – what we laugh at, binge on, dissect on social media or around the water cooler’, – says Justin.

Creating high-quality formats that reflect, inform and entertain society, sending them out into the world, and helping creators, producers and broadcasters to do the same, is what Justin does.

Come and find out how at the keynote ‘Revealing the DNA of international formats’, which will take place on the first day of KYIV MEDIA WEEK (September 17) from 15:10 to 15:50.

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