GOOD DEAL, BAD DEAL – the Art of Negotiation

Following last year’s successful ‘thought-bubble’ presentation on pitching, Michel and Justin are returning to the Palais and MIPFormats to share their insights into the art of negotiating deals, with GOOD DEAL, BAD DEAL.

Once again, the Format People partners will present a series of entertaining sketches and lessons, using their¬†signature style of a dialogue¬†between 2 people, with ‘thought-bubbles’ above their heads revealing what they are really thinking!

The formats business is … a business, whether creative types think so or not. And if your format starts to gain traction, then someone is going to have to make a deal. But is it a good deal or a bad one? Who should make the deal, how fair is fair, how do you stop going number blind, what are the most common mistakes, and why should everyone be a little bit unhappy at signature?

Find out from the professionals Sunday 8th April, 9.45 am – Audi A.


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