A raft of top Format People consultants and guest keynote speakers took centre-stage this September at the 2016 BCWW International Format Conference in the South Korean capital, Seoul.

Gary Carter, formerly senior executive at Endemol Shine and Fremantle Media, opened proceedings with an insightful keynote about ‘disruption’ in the distribution, consumption and monetization of content our industry and the necessity to embrace the value of the changes it brings.

Gary Carter

Gary Carter opens the conference with a keynote on the value of disruption.


Tony Gregory / Justin Scroggie

Tony Gregory and Justin Scroggie review K-Formats Reloaded

TFP CCO & Partner Justin Scroggie was one of the three Judges of the inaugural BCWW Pitch Competition – along with Mike Beale from ITV International and Il-Joong Kim director of CO LAB in charge of global format strategy for SBS – with four finalists each from the UK and South Korea resulting in two worthy winners.

Tony Gregory and Justin shared the stage to examine 13 formats of aired series from the broadcaster members of the recently formed “K-Formats Alliance”, in order to analyze their appeal to Western buyers, and offer advice to overcome cultural difference in order to increase foreign sales.


Tony Gregory with Martha Brass

Tony Gregory interviews Martha Brass

Mark Newton

Mark Newton delivers his keynote

Tony interviewed Endemol Shine’s CEO of Operations, Martha Brass, about her career and ambitions for Endemol Shine’s growth in the future. Mark Newton then gave a keynote on “There’s More to Making TV than Format Fees and Production Profit.

And Justin moderated a panel discussion on the future evolution of formats in the digital era, with insightful contributions from Il-Joong Kim from SBS, Carlotta Rossi-Spencer (Head of format acquisitions of the Banijay Group), and international formats, acquisitions and programming executives Marc Lorber.

Justin with Il-Joong Kim, Marc Lorber and Carlotta Rossi Spencer

Justin with Il-Joong Kim, Marc Lorber and Carlotta Rossi Spencer

We began the day with ‘disruption’ and ended with ‘evolution’ – a positive note upon which to conclude!



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