COEX_Seoul_CONVENTION_CENTERThe final module of our 2016 Formats A-Z course for Korean content agency KOCCA concluded last week in Seoul at the COEX Convention Center.  30+ participants from the major Korean broadcasters were given a unique insight into the international formats business by Format People consultants from the US, UK, Canada and Holland.

This time the focus was on the pitching, protection and exploitation of scripted and non-scripted formats in the global marketplace. After a warm welcome from KOCCA, the session was  introduced by the module moderator, Tony Gregory.  

tony wide

Tony Gregory

JS cu

Justin Scroggie







We started with preparation. TFP CCO & Partner Justin Scroggie explained how for a domestic format to travel it must appeal to its local audience first, and also contain the potential for foreign adaptation from the very beginning.  Justin demonstrated 8 ways for creator-producers to build the ‘DNA’ of potential international appeal into local formats during development.

We set this in today’s context. Award-winning multi-camera director and consultant Tony Gregory offered key insights into the trends for 2016 and beyond, not just in content, them
e and genre, but also in the choice and use of platforms by creators and broadcasters.

marc lorber

Marc Lorber

Gary Carter

Gary Carter

But what about selling? Across two sessions, Marc Lorber, consultant to leading global entertainment company Lionsgate, and an experienced international content production, formats and programming executive, offers delegates insight into techniques for selling scripted and unscripted TV formats, from pitch and promo to bible and contract, based on case history and direct experience.

 And of course there’s the pitch. Gary Carter, recently CEO International Operations at Endemol Shine, gave a masterclass on the principles of pitching formats, and revealed how personal style can make pitching an art form. Gary also presented a unique insider’s case study of one of the most transformative entertainment formats, Endemol Shine’s worldwide franchise “Big Brother”, and extracted key insights for the management of a TV product.

But what of protection? Justin and Tony offered complementary approaches to the legal protection of a format. Justin revealed how to build protection into your format during development, through distinct elements, visual identity, unique access and other tools. Tony offered participants ten ‘steps’ to protect a completed format from development to production to market and beyond, to give it the best possible chance of avoiding – or successfully challenging – a copycat.

And with a hit comes the opportunities to monetise. Mark Newton, media consultant and former EVP of FremantleMedia Enterprises, share practical approaches to value assessment, brand planning and commercialisation of TV IP. He showed delegates how to develop a ‘brand pyramid’ to help inform strategy and rollout plans, using case studies including “Downton Abbey”. Mark returned to talk about off-air rights and the need to create TV shows that facilitate a digital dialogue with their audience; a conversation that advertisers can join and extend into their own channels through packages of off-air rights.

Mark Newton

Mark Newton

group shot

The Format People speakers



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