The Format People are bringing their unique FORMATS A-Z training course to South Africa, courtesy of cable network MNET. In the first recently completed Module, Creative Development, five TFP consultants shared their expertise with commissioning editors and producers. Read More

Michel and Justin return to MIPFormats with sketches, tips and thought-bubbles to demystify the business of deal-making. Who should do the deal, what are the most common mistakes, and why should we all be a bit unhappy at signature? Sunday 8th April, 9.45 am - Audi A. Read More

The Format People recently returned once more to South Korea, this time to work with and train teams from nationwide cable TV network and broadcasting company JTBC. Read More

The latest (8th!) adaptation of our hit culinary format "Chef in your Ear" launched in primetime on Mongolian network NTV this Sunday 26th November, hosted by director/screenwriter A.Miyegombo, and featuring top Mongolian chefs. Read More

Michel, Justin, Sylvia and our 20+ consultants across the world wish you a happy and prosperous 2018! We look forward to working with you on exciting projects in the months ahead. Read More

Remote production makes sense for some types of TV and it could usher in a new wave of innovative formats, writes award-winning multi-camera director and TFP consultant Tony Gregory in this facinating article. Read More