Hit cooking entertainment format CHEF IN YOUR EAR is celebrating its 10th international adaptation with CHEF AO PE DO OUVIDO!, filmed in Sao Paolo and due on GNT in 2019. First produced for Food Network Canada in 2015, the format has been adapted across the globe - first in Quebec, then Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, S Korea, Mongolia, Mexico - and now Brazil. Read More

The Format People are pleased to announce a partnership with the C21 Content Academy, beginning with a keynote for the Formats 360 workshop in November. Justin Scroggie will examine the impact of recent social and technological change on how we consume content, and how - and how much - this change is re-shaping the format world. Read More

The Mongolian adaptation of our hit culinary format "Chef in your Ear" which only launched in primetime on network NTV in November 2017, has already been recommissioned for a THIRD season. Read More

TV is awash with Reboots as broadcasters try to ‘de-risk’. But does it work? In this keynote, Justin Scroggie argues many Reboots are reborn into an unrecognisable world, and applies his trademark forensic style to identify what has changed and how to respond, and ask whether Reboots are the answer – or the problem. Read More

Justin Scroggie's keynote speech at the KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2018 reveals 8 key ‘building blocks’ that creator-producers need in our constantly evolving business, in order to build the 'DNA' of international appeal into local formats at the development stage. Read More

The Format People are bringing their unique FORMATS A-Z training course to South Africa, courtesy of cable network MNET. In the first recently completed Module, Creative Development, five TFP consultants shared their expertise with commissioning editors and producers. Read More